Romanian Skimming Perpetrators Were Sued Mild

Romanian Skimming Perpetrators Were Sued Mild

Romanian Skimming Perpetrators Were Sued Mild

Romanian Skimming Perpetrators Were Sued Mild – The defendant acted arrogantly and briefly gave the middle finger greetings to the media crew.


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Denpasar – Bali General Prosecutor does not seem to have the nerve to file a lawsuit against the defendant. Including two men from Romania, Florin Cristian Apetrei alias Florin (24), and Sarghi Renato alias Renato (38).

Those who skimming using magnetic stripe cards at the ATM machines of Bank BRI and Bank BNI on Thursday (21/11) were sentenced to one year in prison and fined 5 million IDR.

In fact, the defendant acted arrogantly and briefly gave a middle finger greeting to the media crew when covering the proceedings of his case in the Tirta courtroom.

The Public Prosecutor I Made Dipa Umbara, SH was seen weak in front of the defendant in a hearing led by Judge Ida Ayu Adnyana Dewi, SH.MH.

“Requesting the panel of judges to impose criminal sentences on each of the defendants in prison for one year, “said the Prosecutor of Bali Prosecutor’s Office.

The prosecutor who also demanded that the two defendants be fined 5 million IDR and be sentenced to 6 months in prison, was found to have violated Article 46 paragraph (1) Jo Article 30 paragraph (1) of Law Number 11 of 2008 concerning information and electronic transactions as amended by Law No .19 of 2016 jo Article 55 paragraph (1) 1 of the Criminal Code.

After hearing about the prosecution’s demands, the two defendants who were assisted by the language translator looked happy. Through their legal advisor, the defendants also asked the judges to ease the sentence again.

Romanian Skimming Perpetrators Were Sued Mild
It was stated in the initial indictment that Florin bought 650 magnetic stripe cards online at witness Suluh Hadi Raharjo for 4,500,000 IDR. The card was then handed over to Nikolas to fill in the form of a four-digit PIN Number written on the back of the card.

After the cards were filled with PINs by Nikolas, the defendants then began their action by visiting the BRI Bank ATM located at Jalan Tohpati, East Denpasar on July 20, 2019 around 23:30 Central Indonesia Time. They shared duties in the action.

Florin entered the ATM room to withdraw money and Renato watched the situation outside. Arriving in front of the ATM machine, Florin entered 3 cards but only 2 cards worked.

Two magic cards succeeded in making each withdrawal transaction IDR 2,500,000. After that, Florin came out of the ATM room towards his motorcycle, while Renato kept watching over the situation.

At that moment, Florin was successfully secured by a police officer while Renato tried to escape while throwing away the magnetic strip cards which were on him but was still successfully captured.

“From their hands, the police managed to secure 44 cards with varying PIN numbers and were used by the defendants to make transactions at ATM and before making transactions at BRI ATM in Tohpati Street, the defendants had previously carried out transactions at BNI ATM”, said Prosecutor Dipa.


Romanian Skimming Perpetrators Were Sued Mild

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