Online Taxi Admits To Be Hijacked By The Passenger

Online Taxi Admits To Be Hijacked By The Passenger

Online Taxi Admits To Be Hijacked By The Passenger

Online Taxi Bike Admits To Be Hijacked By The Passenger in Ubud, Police Findings at the Surprising Crime Scene. Ruli Passenger, told the incident he fell when pillion by the Online Taxi Bike.


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UBUD – A misunderstanding occurred between an online motorcycle taxi, Ali Mashudi alias Kopral and a passenger named Ruli Agustian.

Ali fell on the hill of Lungsiakan Road, Kedewatan Village, Sunday (1/26) at 10:00 CIT. Incidentally when he fell, Ruli pulled Ali’s neck.

The driver thinks he is being hijacked. However, after tracing the police, it turns out that the case was purely a traffic accident.

According to information, the driver was carrying passenger from the direction of Sebali Village, Tegalalang District. The driver crosses Tegallalang District to Kedewatan Village, Ubud District.

In Ubud, The online driver went by Jalan Lungsiakan with the situation going up and down. When crossing the border bridge of Desa Sebali-Desa Lungsiakan, the driver was asked to be careful by the customer.

When crossing a fairly steep descent, the driver suddenly hits the brakes. Passenger who was pillion in shock and spontaneously clamped the online driver’s neck from behind.

Allegedly surprised, the driver lost control. They fell almost into the cliff. Their bodies are stuck in the trees. The online motorcycle driver had collapsed.

Online Taxi Admits To Be Hijacked By The Passenger

While the passenger survived with several injuries. Not long after, several motorists passing by tried to provide help.

The online driver who woke up from fainting speculated if he was hijacked by the passenger. He immediately conveyed to his friends, if he had just been hijacked by his passenger.

The incident immediately made a commotion. Some online driver’s colleagues immediately came to the scene. The case was immediately handled by the police.

The head of the Ubud Sector Police Criminal Investigation Unit Iptu Dewa Pramantara confirmed the incident. But the police insisted it was not hijacking. But traffic accidents due to Out of Control (OC).

“When we were interrogating the motorcycle taxi driver, he was asked to be careful by the passenger, because of the road going up after the bridge. Because the motorcycle taxi driver shift the motorbike gears so the passenger was shocked. So that the driver’s neck was held by the passenger, then fell”, he explained.

Furthermore, Iptu Pramantara said, the passenger was then evacuated by residents and rushed to the clinic. While the motorcycle taxi had collapsed, and only realized after the passenger was evacuated.

So what he remembered before falling was his neck held. “That’s why the motorcycle taxi admitted to his friends that he had been hijacked. When we investigated and traced it was just OC, moreover the items were not lost. Even there was no threats, but the driver was told to be careful on the incline”, he concluded.


Online Taxi Admits To Be Hijacked By The Passenger

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