Bali newest statute Kebo Iwa in Tabanan

New statue Kebo Iwa installed in Tabanan

New statue Kebo Iwa of 20 tons and 21,45 meters height has been finally installed at Pekraman Bedha Village in Tabanan  on Saturday 26/12/2020. New statute Kebo Iwa in Tabanan The statue has  been lifted to the tower  and eventually  planned to be completed on Saturday 19/12/2020.However, on the first attempt the crane operator  realised that it was not possible to lift the the 20 ton statue with only one crane.


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New statute Kebo Iwa in Tabanan

The installation of the Kebo Iwa statue in Pakraman Bedha Village, Saturday (26/12/2020).

The second attempt on December 25 2020 also failed and finally on Saturday (26/12) at 14.00 H using 1 tower crane the statue was lifted after one hour preparation and successfully installed on the top of the tower and  completed on Sunday (27/12/2020).

New statute Kebo Iwa in Tabanan

The installation of the Kebo Iwa statue at Puseh Temple, Bonsan (26/12/2020).pic BP/ Ist

I Ketut Sudiarta who nade the stature highlighted  that the  installation went smoothly without any problems in general > The installation of the statue  is in accordance with the instructions from Queen Begawan, who helped from the beginning with  the construction  of the statue. The statue is facing south towards Uluwatu because Kebo Iwa received many gifts after the invasion of the Majapahit Kingdom.

New statute Kebo Iwa in Tabanan

A 21.45 meter high Kebo Iwa statue in Bedha, Tabanan.

The statue’s hand pointing to the west  to the Majapahit Kingdom when giving instructions to its soldiers from which direction the invasion was coming. The top of the keris is faces Mount Agung and the back is facing Mount Batukaru.

New statute Kebo Iwa in Tabanan

Garuda Wisnu Kencana

The highest statue is Bali is still the Garuda Wisnu Kencana”  in Uluwatu.  It’s  about 75 metres high — 120m if you count the pedestal.That is about 30m higher than the Statue of Liberty, off New York. But Liberty is tall and thin, while Garuda is almost as wide as it is high — its wingspan is 64m.

New statue Kebo Iwa installed in Tabanan

Workers install the Mahkota Dewa Wisnu (crown of Vishnu, the Hindu god of creation) as part of the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue in Ungasan,

it weighs up to 1,000 tons and is made up of 1,100 pieces of copper.

New statue Kebo Iwa installed in Tabanan

It took 28 years to build this massive statue of the Hindu god Vishnu riding a mythical bird.

the GWK is made from imported materials from countries like Japan, Europe and Latin America.

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