Most expensive Nasi Goreng in Indonesia

Most expensive Nasi Goreng cost 70 US$

Most expensive Nasi Goreng in Indonesia cost one million IDR or 70 US$ and was highlighted by  Youtuber Bobon Santoso who order it in Ubud restaurant ( video below ).  In the video from Youtuber Bobon  Santoso uploaded on Sunday 08/11/2020 ( viewed over 2 million times ) he did not expect anything different about the taste or shape of the Nasi Goreng sold at the restaurant. He was surprised when it was served with other complementary dishes and could be shared with 1/2 other people.


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The plate of fried rice served in an attractive presentation has many  side dishes such as fried duck, mutton, fish pepes, prawn chili sauce and crackers, served with Balinese chili sauce and pickles . After tasting the expensive Nasi Goreng, Bobon said he was surprised because it turned out to be delicious. Bobon thought the fried rice was cooked by an overseas chef but finally turned out to be an Indonesian.According to Bobon, the taste of sultans Nasi Goreng it  really taste delicious and had the perfect presentation. However, his wife did not shared the same opinion. According to her, the taste is almost the same as any Nasi Goreng which is much cheaper for only 20.000 IDR or 1,5 US$.

Most expensive Nasi Goreng

Not only in Bali also in restaurant located at Bintan on  Riau Islands  there was also an uproar about expensive fried rice last month . One costumer uploading a photo of the receipt for orders for fried rice, fried noodles and iced tea, which cost in total  IDR 3.6 million IDR or 250 US$.To enjoy fried rice and fried noodles, the prices on the menu are considered very expensive. However, there were also comments saying that the price was reasonable because of the beautiful place and views.

Most expensive Nasi Goreng in Indonesia

In the receipt list, the prices are considered fantastic. Iced tea per portion is set at Rp. 98 .000 IDR / 6 US$,  fried rice from at  355.000 IDR / 25 US$ per portion and fried noodles at Rp. 321.000 IDR /23 US$ Bobo Santoso, pointed out that this IDR1 million fried rice is the most expensive fried rice in Indonesia today. The most expensive Nasi goreng is a favourite dish for guests from Europe and Australia served in the restaurant which not been named.


Most expensive Nasi Goreng

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