Japanese Woman Robbery Case Revealed Part III

Japanese Woman Robbery Case Revealed Part III

Japanese Woman Robbery Case Revealed Part III

Japanese Woman Robbery Case Revealed Part III – Suspect Fahruddin (sitting) after being arrested in Jakarta on Wednesday (11/27).


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The Final Part of This Case.

Suspected robber to a woman from Japan, Mika Hasegawa (38), at Liems House Apartment, Jalan Pura Mertasari IV No.9, Pemogan, South Denpasar District, on Monday (11/25), was finally arrested by the police.

Japanese Woman Robbery Case Revealed Part III, DENPASAR – The suspect, known as Fahruddin (38), was arrested by police at Soekarno Hatta International Airport (Soetta) Cengkareng, Tangerang, Banten, on Wednesday (11/27) in the morning at 4:30 CIT.

The Director of the General Criminal Investigation of the Bali Regional Police, Senior Police Commissioner Andi Fairan, revealed the suspect Fahruddin was a construction worker from Jalan Pelang RT 11 / RW 2, Pelang Village, Kedunggalar District, Ngawi Regency, East Java. Everyday, Fahruddin works as a construction worker across from the Liems House Apartment as the home to the victim Mika Hasegawa.

“It turns out, the victim knows the perpetrator as people who are around the apartment”, said Commissioner Andi Fairan when confirmed in Denpasar on Wednesday. “The perpetrator had planned his action to rob the victim”, said Commissioner Andi.

It was revealed, Monday morning before the robbery, the suspect Fahruddin who was tall and large followed the victim when she returned from taking her son to school.

Arriving in front of the victim’s room, Room Number 8, Floor II of Liems House Apartment, the perpetrator immediately beat and strangled the 38-year-old Japanese woman. It was getting rough, victim Mika Hasegawa tried to escape.

After successfully escaping the strangulation of the suspect Fahruddin, the victim immediately jumped into the vacant land south of the apartment, through a window. As a result, the victim lay helpless in the condition of neck fractures and injuries to her neck. Initially, the victim was allegedly thrown by the suspect from the window of her room on the Second Floor.

According to Commissioner Andi, after the victim Mika Hasegawa fell helpless in an empty land south of the apartment, the suspect Fahruddin immediately looted her belongings. The suspect took 2 wallets belongs to the victim, containing 15 pieces of 10,000 Yen denomination, 5 pieces of 1,000 Yen denomination, 4 pieces of IDR 100,000 denomination, 1 piece of IDR 50,000 denomination, 1 piece of IDR 20,000 denomination, 8 pieces of IDR 5,000 denomination, and 10 IDR 2,000 denomination.

In addition, the suspect Fahruddin also took the victim’s OPO A9 brand cellphone, took the gold necklace, 5 ATM cards in the name of the victim Mika Hasegawa, the victim’s identity card, and license (SIM A) on the victim’s name. All these items were confiscated by the police. “After looting the victims’ belongings, the perpetrator bought City Link plane tickets to escape to Jakarta. The plan was for the perpetrator to head to Palembang, South Sumatra with the same airline”, said Commissioner Andi.

Japanese Woman Robbery Case Revealed Part III

According to Commissioner Andi, the suspect Fahruddin was chased by police based on the testimony of the victim Mika Hasegawa and witnesses. The joint team led by the Bali Police of Mobile Detective Unit Police Commissioner Adi Guna and the Head of Mobile Detective Unit Denpasar Police Station, Iptu Yudistira, together with the IT Team of the Bali Police of General Criminal Investigation, initially pursued the Mengwi Terminal, Mengwitani Village, Mengwi District, Badung. However, the joint team did not find the suspect.

The joint team then continued their pursuit to the west. Some of them did sweeping at the Selemadeg East Sector Police Station, Tabanan, some directly drove to Gilimanuk Port, Melaya District, Jembrana to intercept. “The team received information that the perpetrator headed for Jakarta. The team also coordinated with the Criminal Investigation Police Headquarters to back up. Finally, the suspect was caught at Soekarno Hatta Airport”, said Commissioner Andi.

Commissioner Andi said, the suspect Fahruddin was arrested a few moments after landing at Soekarno Hatta Airport, Wednesday morning at around 4:30 CIT or two days after the robbery. “At the moment, the joint team is still on its way to Jakarta to pick up the suspect at the National Police Headquarters. Luckily we moved quickly, so the suspect did not reach Palembang”, he said. For his action, the suspect Fahruddin was charged under Article 363 of the Criminal Code on Violent Theft, containing the threat of legal punishment maximum of 9 years in prison.

The robbery incident that struck Mika Hasegawa herself was first discovered by witness I Gede Yoga on Monday morning at 08.00 CIT. At that time, witness Gede Yoga heard a voice shouting ‘help’ from the south wall of the apartment.

Out of curiosity, witness Gede Yoga then looked for the source of the sound. The man who works daily as a guard at the Sun Residence Apartment in the west of the Liems House Apartment was shocked to see a woman lying in a limp condition on a bush of empty land. “At that time, she (the victim) only said ‘I was strangled’ “, said the man from Sanur, South Denpasar.

Witness Gede Yoga immediately reported this incident to the guard of Liems House Apartment, Hendra (31). After checking, it turned out that lying limp was Mika Hasegawa, a Japanese woman from Room 8 of Liems House Apartment.

After that, Hendra and witness Gede Yoga found out how the victim had been lying on an empty field. Finally, it was discovered that window number 8 on the second floor of the apartment where the victim was staying was open. The victim was allegedly thrown from a Second Floor window into an empty field. This incident was later reported to the South Denpasar Police Station. Meanwhile the victim Mika Hasegawa, who has passport number TK8822564, was rushed to Kuta BIMC Hospital.

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Japanese Woman Robbery Case Revealed Part III (The Final Part of This Case)

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