Investors Will Flatten Plantation Land

Investors Will Flatten Plantation Land

Investors Will Flatten Plantation Land


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Investors Will Flatten Plantation Land – Massive construction in Payangan District, the conflicts between the local community and investors were inevitable.

Gianyar – In the midst of the massive construction of hotels and villas in Payangan District, the conflicts between the local community and investors were inevitable. The same thing happened in Banjar Selasih, Puhu, Payangan, Gianyar Regency.

The attitude of investors who insisted on bringing heavy equipment to flatten the plantation land caused a reaction from residents. Wednesday (11/20) morning, dozens of residents carried out resistance by crossing half of the road with trees and applying sharp bamboo fences.

Based on information, the action has been carried out since Tuesday (11/19) night. This resistance began when they got the information that heavy equipment would be sent down to flatten the plantation area. So that dozens of residents spontaneously made efforts to block the heavy equipment.

“Socialization and meetings related to land issues have not found any solution yet. Where the cultivators have never met with the investor. Whenever there is a meeting between investors and cultivators, only representatives are allowed to attend. Even investor representatives cannot decide on citizens demands”, said one of the cultivators, I Made Sudiantara.

Action against the heavy equipment was accompanied by a pair of banners that read various kinds of innuendo for investors. Like the sentence: “Farmers need manure (fertilizer) not bulldozers, build Bali to support farmers” and some writings that pour out the hearts of these farmers.

Investors Will Flatten Plantation Land

In addition to being blocked by using a wood tree, some spiky bamboos containing white fabrics were also placed there. They claim to be on guard, in case investors use violence.

Deputy Chief of Payangan Sector Police, Iptu Made Murgama with the permission of the Ubud Sector Police Chief, Police Commissioner I Nyoman Nuryana SH said, his team only reminded residents to maintain security and order. So that the purpose of the action to defend or question the land does not turn out to be anarchist. Because if it turns into an anarchist, it will automatically enter the realm of law for the perpetrator. So he warned that together to maintain the conducivity and security of the region.

Other information said that the 144 hectares of land belonged to Puri Payangan, which was once cultivated by local residents and planted with banana trees. For a long time the land had been given to local residents for gardening or farming for generations until now.

However, since 1997 there was information that the land had been sold by Puri Payangan which was planned to be built a golf course, but until now it has not been realized. Of the hundreds of hectares of land, some are also claimed as belonging to residents. In addition, there are three temples on the land, namely Hyang Api Temple, Puncak Alit Temple and Pasgel Gelgel Temple. The residents hope that the government can help resolve the land case.


Investors Will Flatten Plantation Land

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