Haunted Hotel Will Be Transformed Into Luxury Hotel

Haunted Hotel Will Be Transformed Into Luxury Hotel

Haunted Hotel Will Be Transformed Into Luxury Hotel

Haunted Hotel Will Be Transformed Into Luxury Hotel – Beside of having a plan to build an International Hospital, Tabanan Government also plans to transform it into a luxury hotel.


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TABANAN – Beside of having a plan to build an International Hospital, Tabanan Regency Government also plans to transform the Bedugul Puncak Indah Hotel (PI), also known as the ‘Ghost Hotel’, into a luxury hotel called The Bedugul Sunrise. The construction of this hotel is one of the development of tourism satellites to support tourism objects that have been in the Bedugul area, Baturiti District, Tabanan. Which of course leads to an increase in Tabanan Regency’s Locally-Generated Revenue (PAD).

Tourism in the Bedugul region has long been loved by tourists, both local and foreign. This made the private sector build a magnificent hotel called the Puncak Indah Hotel (PI) Bedugul. Unfortunately the project, which was almost completed, suddenly stalled and abandoned until now. Now the building is full of shrubs, untreated, and even tends to be haunted. Many people also call it as the Ghost Hotel Bedugul. “Seeing that, we feel there needs to do an innovation to revive the project activities, by looking at tourism conditions so that they can provide a new color because this location is a buffer for the main tourism objects in the Bedugul area”, said the Head of Development and Research Agency (Bapelitbang) of Tabanan Regency, Ida Bagus Wiratmaja, Tuesday (11/26).

Moreover, the land is very strategic because it is located at the top of Bedugul and holds a million potentials, so it must be utilized to its full potential. Starting from the stunning scenery from all directions, in the cold of Bedugul.

Haunted Hotel Will Be Transformed Into Luxury Hotel

The Haunted Hotel in Bedugul.

The concept planned by Tabanan Regency Government to be able to give a new color is the development of The Bedugul Sunrise. Later, the hotel that was built could be used as a location for tourists to stay pampered with a view of the sunrise from the beautiful peak area of ​​Bedugul. “So the plan is that the existing PI hotel building will be renovated or demolished, replaced by an international standard five-star hotel building with complete and elegant facilities”, he added.

The official, who is more familiarly called Gus Wirat, added that the Bedugul Sunrise development will be carried out in two stages, namely the preparation phase consisting of revision of the site plan, preparation of the Detailed Engineering Design (DED), demolition of old buildings and land clearing and processing. Then the implementation phase, where at this stage will be carried out construction of all physical work in the form of hotel buildings, villas, fitness centers and other hotel facilities. With an estimated cost needed to reach IDR 200 billion. “The Bedugul Sunrise is designed to replace the abandoned Bedugul PI Hotel, where the hotel rate is designed to range from IDR 5 million to IDR 10 million/night per room”, he explained.

With this plan, he also claimed that the Tabanan Regency Government had communicated with the original owner of the Bedugul PI Hotel, which was said to be a big businessman in the capital. “Yes, we are still communicating, then later we will offer this design to investors”, he concluded.


Haunted Hotel Will Be Transformed Into Luxury Hotel

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