French Guy Stole Bottles of Vodka in Ubud

French Guy Stole Bottles of Vodka in Ubud

French Guy Stole Bottles of Vodka in UbudFrench Guy Stole Bottles of Vodka in Ubud – The French tourist who stole the vodka with his friend when secured by the Ubud District Police on Wednesday (11/20/2019).


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Ubud – The video of a French tourist, Joassard Stephane Christian Jean Luc was caught stealing two bottles of vodka in Ubud, Gianyar viral on Bali social media.

The theft occurred in a supermarket in Ubud area, Gianyar Bali, on Wednesday (11/20/2019) night.

The 3.4 million IDR (or 241 US$) drink was stolen by putting it in his carrying bag when he entered the supermarket. The head of the Ubud police station, Police Commissioner Nyoman Nuriana, said the incident happened around 9:00 pm.

French Guy Stole Bottles of Vodka in Ubud

At that time the perpetrator entered and pretended to shop. However, he actually put in the two bottles of vodka without paying and came out.

Because of his suspicious movements, the guards then stopped him and searched the perpetrator’s bag. Sure enough in his bag there were two bottles of stolen vodka.

The case was then reported to the Ubud Police. Nuriana said, the theft case had been resolved peacefully. Because the perpetrator has apologized and paid compensation of 3.4 million IDR. “Both parties have made a statement”, he said.

French Guy Stole Bottles of Vodka in Ubud

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