Citilink airline resumes flights with new normal procedures

Citilink airline resumes flights with new normal procedures

Citilink airline resumes flights with new normal procedures serving 104 flights following the government’s decision to apply the new normal procedures, as of June 1, 2020. Citilink resumes its services, with 104 regular flights to 21 cities by implementing the new normal procedures and continuing to prioritize the aspects of passenger safety, health, and comfort,” Citilink President Director Juliandra noted in a statement here on Tuesday. During the pre-flight phase, Citilink worked in close collaboration with the Port Health Office (KKP) and the local Task Force for Acceleration of COVID-19 Response at each airport to inspect and verify the completeness of passenger documents. Citilink has ensured that air passengers are in good health by necessitating them to present a COVID-19-free certificate issued on the basis of results of PCR test or rapid tests.Citilink has also made preparations to ascertain that proper distancing is maintained between passengers queuing for check-in and provided web check-in facilities or a self-check-in machine at the airport. Citilink implements a new boarding management practice to adjust the distance in a queue during the boarding process to avoid passenger congestion. Citilink applies new standards aboard flights by adjusting the seating arrangements. Furthermore, all passengers and crew are required to always wear masks, and the airline has provided hand sanitizers.Other arrangements entail the process of serving food and beverages by following hygienic procedures and replacing printed inflight magazines with electronic inflight magazines. Citilink has made preparations to adjust the distance during baggage collection in the area of arrival by conducting continued inspection and matching procedures for the checked baggage. In order to maintain aircraft cabin cleanliness and sterilization, Citilink also disinfects all aircraft operating daily in accordance with the applicable procedures and provides the fleet with a High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor (HEPA) air filter system to filter out dust and various air pollutants, including viruses and bacteria. Citilink will continue to conduct intensive coordination with all relevant stakeholders and conduct strict supervision across all lines of the company’s operations to provide the best possible service by prioritizing passenger comfort and health.


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Citilink airline resumes flights

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