11 countries ready to travel to Bali

11 countries ready to travel to Bali

11 countries ready to travel to Bali soon.

The citizens from Australia, Denmark, China, Egypt, Germany, the Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, India, Russia and the Netherlands wish to travel to Bali when it reopens in 2021. Rai Suryawijaya announced on Monday (30/11/2020 ) that most of them hope that Bali will open soon highlighted the fact that Bali is one of the world’s favourites  tourist destinations and Bali is considered safe to visite with the implemented health protocol and hard efforts of the government to handle the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.  11 countries ready to travel to Bali Whenever Bali will  reopening to foreign tourists,  it will need to be submitted at least a month before it officially opens. Everything news to be clear , especially  for  immigration and transportation. The Head of the Bali Tourism Office I Putu Astawa also stated that India is one of the most enthusiastic country’s to return. If Bali opens now, India will be ready to bring tourists to Bali within  a week


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11 countries ready to travel to Bali

Accorning Astawa ,  all 11 countries wants  Bali to be opening  for foreign tourism and the response from the foreign market will be reported to the Governor and also to the Central Government. The desision if Bali wil be  open for foreign tourists is the central authority’s policy andverything is still in the process of discussion and study. What is clear is that until the end of  December Bali is still not open for foreign tourists.

11 countries ready to travel

Source : https://www.nusabali.com/


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