Bali’s premier floating garden in Ubud

Bali’s premier floating garden in Ubud offers you the experience of the  effect of floating is a deep and lasting sense of tranquility, peace & relaxation. Consistent floating typically results in one feeling like they are able to “float through the world”.The “float effect”, which has given rise to the rapid popularity of this health and healing modality, is due to the fact that floating triggers the parasympathetic nervous system to take over, allowing your body’s own wisdom & intelligence to kick in. Without the stress and distraction of every-day life, this environment allows the body to enter a state of re-calibration that leaves the floater feeling harmoniously balanced in a holistic way. Upon exiting the float environment senses are sharpened, the mind is refreshed, and the world may appear more vibrant. Common side effects include feeling totally refreshed, super-stoked on life, and feeling deeply connected to self, to nature, and the entire world. No two floating experiences are the same. A float might have you slip into a deeply relaxed, meditative state. It is possible to feel your body disappear, your ego dissolve and to experience, perhaps for the first time ever, a sense of pure being & pure awareness. A float might result in a deep-dive into the inner-landscapes of your internal infiniteness, giving you access to aspects of your subconscious or it might take you on a lucid, dream-like journey of the cosmos and back. Nothing at all might happen.

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Posted by Ubud Float Garden on Thursday, October 3, 2019

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