Electric tourist car rental nusa dua

Electric tourist car rental is launched

Electric tourist car rental is launched at Bali Collection in Nusa Dua from 3,8 US$ / 55.000 IDR  by  hour or 4 hours with driver for 30 US$ / 435.000 IDR . Persero , The Indonesia Tourism Development  and ITDC  Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation providing two vehicles. This electric car  consists of two types of BEV electric vehicles, namely electric vehicles with batteries and one type of electric vehicle PHEV / Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, which is an electric vehicle that combines conventional engines and battery / electricity. There are 20 units of BEV electric vehicles available with a capacity of 20 Toyota COMS with a capacity of one passenger and 5 units of Toyota C + pod with a capacity of two passengers.


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Electric tourist car rental
The PHEV electric vehicle consists of 5 Toyota Prius units with a capacity of four passengers. 
These three types of electric vehicles have been specially prepared to serve the needs of tourists in The Nusa Dua Tourism Area and are supported by the provision of EV Smart Mobility Project shelters / stations which are placed in front of The Nusa Dua Central Parking (in front of Bali Collection). and at the entrance to Peninsula Island The Nusa Dua.
Electric tourist car rental is launched
These vehicles are available for tourists at a price of 3,8 US$ IDR 55,000 per hour for Toyota COMS and 6 US$ / IDR 88,000 per hour for Toyota C + Pod. Meanwhile, the Toyota Prius PHEV is rented with a number of package variations, namely the 4-hour package with a driver for 30 US$ / IDR 435,000, the 12-hour package with a driver for 68 US$ / IDR 985,000, and the 24-hour package without a driver for 37 US$ IDR 550,000. Users can  orders directly at the station or make online orders via the TRAC to GO or Mtoyota applications. This mode of transportation can be used in The Nusa Dua area and at the Tanjung Benoa and Jimbaran area. Since the end of December 2020, ITDC has presented 12 units of electric motorbikes in The Nusa Dua area.  Toyota’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Smart Mobility Project is also equipped with solar panel technology to meet the station’s needs in charging electric cars in operation.  
Electric tourist car rental is launched
All electric car units at The Nusa Dua will be sterilized before and after use.The pre- and post-use sterilization of the electric car unit is a form of implementing of the  health protocol. The Nusa Dua area  became the first tourism destination in Indonesia to win a National Gold Ranking Certificate for Sustainable Tourism Destinations in Indonesia or Gold Indonesia Sustainable Tourism Certification from the Ministry of Tourism. 


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