Biznet Launched Biznet IPTV along with Inauguration of Kuta Branch


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Biznet Launched Biznet IPTV , digital infrastructure company integrated in Indonesia, officially launched new feature that is Biznet IPTV, interactive TV service that show update entertainment with the best 4K resolution, that can be accessed from the New Biznet Fiber channel.

Biznet IPTV is here to answer public needs on TV service that offers many advantages and convenience to support public digital lifestyle now days. as we know, IPTV is touted as a future TV service that has been awaited by many Internet users, because it offers services that can be personalized and interactive.

“Biznet always tries to presenting technology service that people need in this digital era. Quality of internet connection is one of factors that digital people have to have, no doubt. As digital infrastructure company integrated in Indonesia, we keep developing technology not only internet, but also all supporting services including Data Center, Cloud Computing, and now at last we launched Biznet IPTV service that is an internet based TV service with 4K resolution of quality,” said Adi Kusma, President Director of Biznet.

As an internet based TV with the best 4K resolution, Biznet IPTV offer many features and advantages that gives new experiences for customer in watching TV. Here are the features:

  • Catch-up TV A feature that make sure the customer do not missed their favorite show. Because with this feature, customer can watch their favorite show for the past 3 days without recording anything. Customer also can rewind or speed-up part of the show as they wish.
  • Video-on-demand A feature that gives customers the convenience of enjoying favorite shows without the need to leave the house, because they can watch favorite programs using the rental-based method.
  • Wi-fi Connected A feature that makes it easy for customers to connect IPTV with The New Biznet Fiber internet network.
  • Easy-to-connect A feature that allows customers to carry and move Biznet IPTV STB anywhere, so they can enjoy Biznet IPTV shows anywhere and anytime, as long as the customer is connected to the The New Biznet Fiber network.

Not only that, Biznet IPTV also presents other interesting features, namely Live Payment Channel, that offer convenience for customer to pay Biznet IPTV service every month. First, in Indonesia, Biznet present GO-PAY payment method in which customer only need to scan the QR code from the TV screen, without going out, so the payment process become more effective and efficient.

Biznet IPTV provides a diverse selection of shows where customers can enjoy more than 60 quality channels from various categories including Entertainment, Movies, Kids, Education, International, Sports, News, and also local channels. Biznet IPTV comes in two service packages namely Biznet IPTV Basic at a price of Rp 175,000 / month and Biznet IPTV Plus at a price of Rp 350,000 / month. Customers can also subscribe to the Biznet Home Internet + IPTV service plan, which can be enjoyed with prices starting from Rp 450,000 / month and bandwidth of 75 Mbps.

“We hope that Biznet IPTV can become a service that provides future TV entertainment for people who need the best entertainment shows supported by various advanced technology features,” Adi added.

By subscribing to Biznet IPTV, customers will also enjoy other advantages where one subscription account can be used for 4 Biznet IPTV STBs, without any additional costs. As part of the Biznet IPTV launch, Biznet also presents a 40% discount promo where customers only need to pay IDR 750,000 and get free all channels for 3 months. Biznet IPTV services can now be enjoyed by customers in several cities in Java, Bali and Batam, and will continue to grow in line with the process of expanding The New Biznet Fiber network. Full information visit

On the same occasion, after previously being successful with 9 (nine) branch offices in Bali, Biznet is now proudly officially inaugurating the opening of the newest Biznet branch office on the island of Bali, namely the Kuta Branch with its address on Jl. Merdeka Raya IV No 6 Kuta, Bali.

Kuta, known as the ‘heart’ of tourism in the island of the Gods, has several points of tourist attractions that have developed such as, Kuta Beach and Kuta Art Market, with a very rapid development of infrastructure.

Biznet Launched Biznet IPTV always strives to answer the needs of reliable internet and technology networks to support business and commercial activities in the Kuta area. We see how Bali is growing rapidly year by year, and are aware of the increasing need for high-quality Internet services, Data Communications and TV services, “Adi added.

Writer : Rilis Pers

Editor : I Komang Robby Patria

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