Bali priest Four Seasons cleansing the resort’s energy

Bali priest Four Seasons at  Jimbaran Bay has taken it a step further with a full-time Hindu priest safeguarding its spiritual aura as it prepares to welcome back guests in the not-too-distant future.Even though there’s a lockdown in Bali, housekeepers, security guards, engineers and gardeners are still protecting and maintaining the physical assets of most of the hotels.  Each day, traditional healer and full-time priest Ajik Ngurah maintains the energy and aura at the Resort by placing offerings at the temple and more than 300 shrines throughout the property. The offerings are to ensure that once guests return, they will continue to feel the same peaceful and tranquil energy.Ajik Ngurah was not always a priest, even though he is a descendent of the ancient Mengwi kingdom. Ngurah joined the Resort as a security guard on its opening in 1993. Early on during his career, he started receiving signs and felt the calling to become a priest but ignored the signals. Suddenly he was surrounded by bad luck: his family developed serious illnesses and there was a major vehicle accident, both catalysts for Ngurah’s realization that he could no longer ignore his true destiny.


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He had planned to resign from his role as security guard, but the Resort created a new role which enabled him to remain on the team while pursuing the path to priesthood. His present job is to look after the spiritual and cultural connections of both staff and guests and can usually be found at the Resort temple, just below the lobby and part of the Resort’s Balinese village concept. Ordinarily, a typical day for Ngurah is to welcome guests with a Balinese blessing, cleanse their energy with a holy water purification ritual, conduct on-site temple tours or tours to an off-site 9th-century cave temple, meditate or lead a full moon ceremony for staff.Bali priest Four Seasons Resorts pic Farboes

Outside the Resort, Ngurah fulfills his duties as an ordained Balinese-Hindu priest in his village and Jimbaran community. He is revered as a traditional healer for chakra rebalancing and energy clearing and is certified as a meditation teacher.Having a full-time priest at Four Seasons /Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay is an essential role that underpins the resort’s traditional Balinese philosophy, Says General Manager Uday Rao, “Guests often comment on the ‘unseen’ energy they feel here, the peace and tranquility, the deep connection to the people and culture of Bali. Ajik Ngurah’s role is focused on maintaining this harmony and balance between God, Man and Nature – something that is more important now than ever before.

With the island presently under partial lockdown, through ceremonies, Ajik Ngurah is cleansing the resort’s energy and seeking protection from the gods. The Resort’s other employees are making sure everything is in perfect condition so that when guests return, they will experience the best of this Indonesian paradise.

Source : Bali priest Four Seasons


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