Bali home 100 year old carefully restored

Bali home 100 year old which reveals a love story that began between a magical place on Earth and the people who fell in love with it. On the outskirts of Ubud, in Bali, Indonesia, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, is this tranquil, ecological reserve for the Hindus—this is also where two rivers meet. The Campuhan Ridge Preserve, which still retains the charm of a bygone era, is a source of inspiration for countless artists and creatives. With this fascinating natural setting as a backdrop, Maximilian Jencquel, founder and director of Studio Jencquel, envisioned the Rumah Purnama villa which translates to “the house of the full moon” in Bahasa.


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Bali home 100 year old

The mystical context of the landscape inspired the home’s design. “The restoration process revealed the bare bones of the 100 year old home. While digging, we found a carved wooden sculpture, which we restored, and a python with 12 eggs which, according to Hindu beliefs, represents the reincarnation of the owners’ ancestors. In essence, this house is the continuation of a love story that began more than 100 years ago between a magical place on Earth and the people who fell in love with it,” says Maximilian.Focusing on the breathtaking views and the local context was priority during the restoration. From the outside, Rumah Purnama blends in seamlessly with nature, largely due to its material palette of natural materials such as tropical wood and an alang-alang roof

Bali home 100 year old

The original structure of wantilan (traditional pagoda, Balinese style) was retained, as a way of preserving Ubud’s cultural heritage. The two-story volume faces east, where the moonrise is framed behind the jungle and, to the northeast, you can view the sacred Gunung Agung volcano.

Bali home 100 year old

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