Bali flying taxi drone first flight

Bali flying taxi drone first flight

Bali flying taxi drone Ehan 216  test flight successfully launched on Friday (11/26/2021) at  Banjarangkan area in Klungkung The Ehang 216 flying taxi had a two minutes demonstration flight without  passenger’s  on Friday (11/26/2021) at the Negari Village at Banjarangkan in Klungkung . The flight test lasted for several minutes starting when it took off slowly into the air and then flew around the surrounding area. The flight distance is approximately at a radius of 200 meters from the runway. The Ehang 216 only circulated shortly in the air then returned to landing spot  on the runway without any obstacles. President director of Prestige Image Motocars Rudy Salim in his remarks said that Bali was chosen as a test flight site because it could attract tourists. Hopefully this trial can stimulate Bali tourism. The presence of Ehang 216 can be a solution to the problem of access that is difficult to penetrate by land transportation. Especially to access isolated areas. Currently has  the Ehang 616  not been able to fix the selling price of the transportation equipment made in China due to various obstacles. We are still calculating the price because there are still matters of taxation and the exchange rate is constantly changing,” said Rudy.


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Rudy explained that the EHang 216 flying taxi will be able to take passengers in urban areas by utilizing 4G and 5G internet networks and controlled by pilots on the ground. The EHang 216, can fly as far as 30 km, lift a maximum load of 220 with a maximum speed of 130 km / hour. The Ehang 216 is 5.6 meters wide and 1.7 meters high. The EHang 216 belongs to the category of Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV), vertical take-off and landing .
The Chairman of the Indonesian Motorcycle Association or IMI as well as Chairman of the Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR), Bambang Soesatyo saaid that the EHang 216 will become a modern mode of transportation that will change lifestyles. IMI has a vision and mission to encourage the acceleration of electric fuel and electric acceleration. “This is a new challenge for the mode of transportation for passenger aircraft without a pilot, The Head of the Aircraft Certification Sub-Directorate of the Directorate of Airworthiness and Aircraft Operation Agustinus Budi Hartono said that his party was continuing to develop and revise the rules. “In fact, it has been included in the Job Creation Act and PP number 32 of 2020 regarding the operation of unmanned aircraft. However, many things must be considered, It’s not just about planes but other things too. For example, regarding air space, airport security and others that must be considered,” Agustin said.


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