Bali 90 kilometres run in 12 hours

Bali 90 kilometres run in 12 hours

Bali 90 kilometres run in 12 hours from the island’s northern shore to its south to raise $10,000 for struggling children in Bali. Jamin Heppell ran 90 kilometres and raised $10,000 to raise funds for children and families he saw struggling with the economic ramifications of a tourist exodus As people were scrambling for toilet paper in Australia’s first coronavirus lockdown, Heppell was just starting to find his feet in Bali. He had travelled there to be with his German partner to wait out the storm.Using the internet to find other like-minded nomads, they banded together to go “villa shopping” and were shocked by the prices, since most tourists had left Bali. Tourism directly employs 10 per cent of Indonesia’s workers, or about 12 million workers. But with tourists returning home en masse, Heppell could see the disruption on the streets. There hasn’t been a food shortage but there have been problems with food distribution,” he said. So Heppell decided he had to do something to help. What initially started as a personal goal was quickly transformed into a charity run.


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Bali 90 kilometers run in 12 hoursInspired by an enigmatic 58-year old French man running the Mont Blanc 90km stretch, Heppell decided that it was finally his year to do an ultramarathon.I made a commitment to myself. I said regardless of what happens to that event, I’m going to do 90 kilometres on that weekend, no matter where I am in the world,” he said.After about a month being in Bali and recognising the economic devastation that the whole COVID thing had caused because of a lack of tourism, I thought I wanted to turn it into a fundraiser because I’ve been so privileged and so well taken care of while I’ve been here.

Bali 90 kilometers run in 12 hours

Heppell and his coach devised a training regime, mapped a route and set up a support team.Two weeks out from my 90-kilometre run I formalised this partnership with Bali Hope Bali Children Foundation, and set a target of 9K for 90K,” Heppell said.I got going at 3:30am, I had a scooter in front of me and scooter behind me, and every five kilometres I had a support car that would prepare a whole bunch of food and liquid.Just three weeks later, Heppell has already exceeded his goal, raising $10,000 for the Bali Children Foundation.

Bali 90 kilometres run

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