Waroeng D'carik Sate Festival Sunday April 18

Waroeng D’carik Sate Festival Sunday May 2 2021

Waroeng D’carik Sate Festival on Sunday May 2 nd 2021 from  6 until 8.30 PM UT at Jl Kedampang in Kerobokan All You Can Eat Different Sate Mix Meat and Seafood, include: Rice, Noodle, Salad, Vegetables, Soup and Fresh Fruits. Only 88.000 rp. Book now and make your reservation. Wa:+6285738296212


Bulls Head Steakhouse Jimbaran Bali

Bulls Head Steakhouse

Now Open - COVID-19 Rules Apply

Daily 11am til 10pm

Happy Hour 5 to 7

WhatsApp +62 821 4755 5506

Jl. Bukit Permai No.5 Jimbaran - Next to Circle K


Waroeng D'carik Sate Festival Sunday April 18
The concept of all you can eat in Waroeng d’Carik is different from the restaurants of all you can eat franchises like Hanamasa, Shanghai Bowl, Shaburi, or Gyukaku. The menu that you can find is not limited to archipelago cuisine such as, real tilapia, fried noodles, fried rice, pork rendang, chicken soup, tom yam gong, and others. There is also a western cuisine that is no less delicious, such as chicken pasta, chicken parmigiana, carbonara pasta, and so on. In this place, you can spend your time eating without having to limit time. With no time limit, Waroeng d’Carik Bali is the right place to eat for backpackers and lovers of cheap trips.
Waroeng D'carik Sate Festival
Fantastic setting views over rice fields etc Great under cover dining with beautiful lower outdoor garden area Great host and best calamari meal which chef cooked to absolute perfection Good value for money

Waroeng D’carik Sate Festival https://waroeng-dcarik.food96.com/


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