Tabanan volunteers searching lazy people

Volunteers searching in Tabanan lazy residents

Volunteers searching  in Tabanan un the village of dauh Pekenn  lazy residents or people who don’t want to be vaccinated against Covid-19. These volunteers are also providing education to the public who are scared of  being injected for vaccination. Dauh Peken Village Headmaster I Komang Sanayasa said that the formation of volunteers was an important effort to maximize vaccination services by the government to the community in Dauh Peken Village. These volunteers consist of a number of pecalang and linmas members who work in each banjar. “We form volunteers so that all residents are covered by vaccinations said I Komang  on Monday (10/05/2021 ).He said the volunteers were assigned to each of the vaccination service posts. In Dauh Peken Village in the Tabanan District , six vaccination service posts were established at each banjar hall. Each post is assigned three volunteers. The total number of volunteers assigned was 18 people. “With this volunteer task, hopefully there are no people who don’t want to be vaccinated,” he said.
Vaccination campaigns on Bali starts from January 22 nd 2021 with first 31.000 doses for 25.000 health workers.The vaccination program  in Dauh Peken Village will last for three days May 10/12 th 2021 to target  9,684 people. For people who have not been vaccinated on that date, they are rescheduled after the Eid al-Fitr. “We hope that the vaccines will be delivered smoothly so that the vaccination targets can be met,” he added. The implementation of the mass vaccination was indeed carried out by the Tabanan Regency Government in line with the Province of Bali. The provincial government of Bali has allocated 50,000 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine for Tabanan. Vaccination is carried out in Tabanan on a banjar basis with the implementation of mutual cooperation.  Deputy Head Edi Wirawan said that the mass vaccination had been carried out by Tabanan since last month. Starting from the projected green zone area, including Jatiluwih Village, Penebel District, Beraban Village, Kediri District and Candikuning Village, Baturiti District. Kukuh Village, Gunung Salak Village, Dauh Peken Village, and Pujungan Village en masse. In terms of officers, said Deputy Head Edo Wirawan, the socialization will continue to be intensified so that people are not afraid of being vaccinated. Because from previous experience many people are afraid of being vaccinated. Once forced to vaccinate, many people experience high tension which leads to postponement of Covid-19 vaccination. “So the socialization must be more intense sais Deputy Regent Edi Wirawan.


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Volunteers searching in Tabanan


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