Villa invaders from Russia facing deportation

Villa invaders from Russia facing deportation

Villa invaders from Russia and Moldova been arrested in the Canggu area and moved to the detention center in Jimbaran to be deported . Two coupled with children from Russia and Moldova will be deported after entering without permission  a villa located on the Jalan Munduk Kedungu at Parerenan in the Canggu area on Saturday March 23  th 2022. The Head of the Intelligence Section and Immigration Enforcement Class I TPI Denpasar, Yudhistira Yudha Permana, said that the action against the six foreigners was based on a letter from the Head of the Immigration Office Class I TPI Denpasar Number: W.20.IMI.IMI.2-GR.03.06-254. In The warrant followed up on public reports regarding disturbing foreigners, so that five personnel backed up by police officers were deployed at the Red Salt Cafe, Villa and Huts in  Jalan Munduk Kedungu No 29, Pererenan . The community  complained after  the foreigners  forced their way into the villa belonging to a local resident. Villa invaders from Russia facing deportationThe local authorities  arrived on the location then secured the foreigners after receiving the statements of witnesses . It was reported  that the six foreigners entered the villa by breaking the door on Saturday (26/3) early in the morning.  The foreigners refused  to show passports and residence permits. They refused to answer all questions and even not give their country of origin, They stated that the villa was a gift from God, The Immigration team secured the six foreigners to the Denpasar Immigration office with their belongings. The foreigners waiting now  for the deportation process at  the Denpasar Immigration Detention Center in Jimbaran


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