Surfing Coaches says Bali now Similar as Bali Bombing 2


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Badung,  Surfing as Adventure tourism has became one of the attractiveness of Bali besides culture and nature. Almost all Bali beaches become target of the surfers to try the waves. But that was yesterday. The situation is now different since the coronavirus spread.

Many surf guide lost their income because no tourist come to Bali. Some of them convinces Bali condition now is similar as when Bali Bombing 2 happened on 1st October 2005. What are the complaints?

1. Surf guide used to handle guests three times a day. But now is only two.

IDN Times /Reynaldy Wiranata

A surf guide, Made Suastika (30), convince Bali now makes him rarely serving guest who wants to learn surfing. Previously, before the corona virus spread, he can handle at least three guests in a day. But then only twice a week. Still a little of opportunity on that.

“Previously I can handle to three times. Minimum twice. At the present time it is only one or two in a week. That if our friend from outside of bali who not afraid of the virus issue. They came. Our friends from Germany and Europe,” said Suastika to IDN Times, Wednesday (11/3).

2. The income used to minimum IDR400k per day, now only IDR200k per week. This condition is said similar to when Bali Bombing II happened

IDN Times/ Muhammad Khadafi

Suastika who has two years in surf training in Australia, used to spend 5.5 hours in one session surf training. Now his routines is different. To get income he needs to contact surf camp in Kuta and even Canggu, North Kuta, to get an extra job. If still not get it, he will choose to stay at home and self surfing at his favourite beaches.

“It is so quiet, many of my friends who works as hotel employee have been sent home. They who works for villa are on leave. It is also quiet on surfimg. Really going down similar as Bali Bombing II effect,” his complain.

Usually he can get minimum IDR400k to IDR700k in a day. But now he only can get IDR200k in a week.

“I can get minimum about IDR600k to IDR700k doing on freelance through website. Minimum IDR400k. Now its a big zero. For those who do not hit by the effect can stay relax,” his explained.

3. Piping would judge the surfers can still come to Bali even the tourism is slow Kudinov

Even Piping Irawan has a different thought. According to this guy who has been many years become professional surfer and photographer that this surfing sector is not too effected. WHY?

“It is going down, but not dramatic. Those who are not afraid of the virus they still come to play. If not, Bali will become slow,” he said.

“On week days there are many people on the beach. That was as how on Bali bom. The surfer came to Bali to meet friends, respect to their friend’s difficulties. They are coming from Europe, America, Japan,” said the Founder of Surfing Magic Wave magazine.

To self assess to this condition, Piping suggest to see activity barometer along Kuta beach. Moreover on Eco Beach Canggu, North Kuta that is still busy surfing activity.

“Eco Beach barometer still busy. Just smile, they dont talk about coronavirus on the beach. They are sunbathing. There are also many barometer in Kuta, many surf schools. Those school that has existed for a long time still have many customers. They will keep return. It is going down but not significant,” he closed.

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