Mysterious Sounds of Klungkung Temple Reminds Previous Disasters

Mysterious sound of Klungkung temple reminds previous disasters

Kulkul Puri Agung Klungkung Bali


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Mysterious sounds of Klungkung Temple reminds previous disasters. It was said that the kulkul or kentongan in Puri Agung, Klungkung, rang by itself at midnight without anyone hitting it.

The people of the Island of the Gods believes that this strange event to be a sign or signal of impending dangers.

According to the news, residents heards the kulkul sounds. But not by Klungkung residents themselves. Kulkul sounds heard in the last few days.

The mysterious sounds of kulkul klungkung temple tweeted by Carrisa Tehputri. She is a Researcher and teaching assistant at New York University Abu Dhabi, March 26, 2020.

In her tweet, Carrisa said, kulkul in Puri Agung Klungkung not only sounded once and made a commotion in Bali. But also have happened before the Bali bombings 1 and 2 and the eruption of Mount Agung.

“It was commotion in Bali yesterday because the kulkul at Puri Agung Klungkung sounded itself. Usually at this time it means distress comes. Upon a time the kulkul also rang itself before the Bali bombings 1 & 2 also the eruption of Mount Agung,” she wrote.

According to the belief of the Balinese, to ward off the impending distress, residents usually prepare garlic, red chili tied to the ends of pandan leaves.

Carrisa even wrote that Balinese in Abu Dhabi were also busy looking for pandanus leaves to refuse distress. “The one in Abu Dhabi is also busy looking for and repelling distress,” she wrote.

So it is reasonable if the mysterious sound of the kulkul in Puri Agung made a commotion in Bali. Because, that thing sounds when the world attacked by the Corona Virus or COVID-19. In relation to that, what is entrusted by Balinese citizens regarding the sound of kulkul, certainly deserves respect from other Indonesian people. Moreover this is also a tradition and belief that has been applied for generations.

Apart from all that, we hope that disaster will not proceed the archipelago and the corona virus will soon disappear from Indonesia.

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