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Koster Allow Balinese Residents in  Bali to access internet, TV broadast, and ambulances during Nyepi Day, Tuesday (3/25).

This policy is in anticipation of information needs and health services handling corona virus on the island of the Gods.

“Because this is for humanization services. I think the hospital needs to take immediate action on matters that require emergency handling. I think really need to implement it. The Governor’s instruction have also mentioned in relation to public service that should still given,” Koster said at the Governor’s office in Denpasar, Bali, Tuesday (3/17).

Koster also allows ambulances to operate in public area during Nyepi Day.

“It can operate later if someone is seriously ill needing help, why should not?,” he added.

The Association of Indonesian Private Hospital (ARSSI) asked Koster to provide dispensation so that citizens and hospitals can access internet, TV broadcast, and ambulances during Nyepi Day, which is next week, Wednesday (3/25).

Usually on Nyepi, Hindus are obliged to stop all worldly activities. The policy of temporariily stopping internet access, television broadcasting, and all public activities has been put in place for years. All public are forbidden to leave the house for the sake of solemn Nyepi.

Bali ARSSI Chair, Fajar Manuaba, said that we need the policies access of internet, Tv and ambulance because the corona virus outbreak has declared a national disaster. In addition, dengue outbreaks appear in the community.

“We need internet access because we have to coordinate intensively via Whatsapp and Internet Video. So no delay in handling and to prevent more cases, either COVID-19 or DBD (dengue),” Fajar said in Denpasar, Tuesday (17/3).

Corona virus positive patients in Indonesia currently is 172 people. 5 of them died and 9 patients cured. One death case occured to a British woman who was in Bali.

One positive patient of the corona virus was the Minister of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi. He is a case patient number 76 who had experienced shortness of breath. Currently he is on a treatment at the Gatot Soebroto Army Hospital, Jakarta.

Source Koster Allow Balinese Residents   : https://kumparan.com/


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