Foreigners in Bali vaccinated for free

Foreigners in Bali vaccinated for free

Foreigners in Bali vaccinated at the Surya Husadha hospital in Nusa Dua on Wednesday 17/03/2021 after receiving a WhatsApp message. Four foreigners ( all  above the age of 60 ) living in the Putra Bali Hill resort in Nusa Dua received earlier in March a WhatsApp message sent by Banjar Bualu Kecamatan Benoa ( local authorities ). The WhatsApp message invited them to get at the vaccination center of the Surya Husadha hospital in Nusa Dua. Some time ago, all the residents of Banjar Bualu Kecamatan Benoa were informed through WA to register for vaccination. The application was duly registered and confirmed by the Banjar his administration.
Foreigners in Bali vaccinated for free


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The conditions to get vaccinated for all foreign nationals are the same as for the local population. To have a valid Indonesian Identity card ( KTP ) registration on the local registration ( KK ) and being above the age of 60. Residents of the Banjar Bualu in Nusa Dua between the ages of 18 and 59 registered by the Banjar will also receive an invitation later during 2021. These requested documents have been previously obtained  by the foreigners from PT Jasa Eka Legal in Putra Bali Hill at Nusa Dua.

Foreigners in Bali vaccinated for free

surya husadha hospital Jl. Pulau Serangan No.7, Dauh Puri Klod, Kec. Denpasar, Bali

The foreigners presented themselves on Wednesday 17/03/2021 at 10.30 AM after receiving an invitation hours earlier in the morning at the Surya Husadha hospital . Apart from the 4 foreigners, 20 other local residents being present to get vaccinated. Everything turned out to be perfect organized by the Banjar administrative staff being present and well prepared on the site to verify the registration.

Foreigners in Bali vaccinated for free

Each candidate was consulted by the medical staff to check their medical history before the vaccination started. Moments later each person was injected with the Sinovac vaccine in a professional way in a separated room. The vaccination people have been asked person to wait on the spot for another 30 minutes,

Foreigners in Bali vaccinated for free

To observe if any person showed any side effect of allergic reactions due the vaccination. Upon departure, a hard copy of proof of the vaccination was distributed mentioning the date invitation for the second shot 29 days later on April 15th 2021.The entire vaccination process from registration on arrival until receiving the certificate took all together only 90 minutes.

Foreigners in Bali vaccinated for free

There was also an immediate notification SMS including a soft copy proof of the first vaccination. The day after the vaccination, the four vaccinated foreigners confirmed not having any side effect of any or symptoms. They are all very satisfied about the vaccination process that went in a complete safe way.  They will continue to adhere to the imposed corona measures by the local government. They only can highly recommend all other foreigners to get vaccinated. For those people who does not want to get  vaccinated for personal raisons.

Bali vaccination campaign launched from January 14 2021

The European Commission is preparing the so-called green card that will indicate by QR code whether people have been vaccinated or have undergone a recent PCR test, Europe or flight carriers could refuse passengers to travel to destinations without presenting vaccinated certificates . Not yet spoken about restrictions to enter restaurants or events.

Foreigners in Bali vaccinated


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