Ferry sinking Padang Bai harbor

Ferry sinking Padang Bai harbour

Ferry sinking Padang Bai

KMP Ro-Ro Ship. Dharma Rucitra III leaned against pier II, Padang Bai harhour photo Edisi


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Ferry sinking Padang Bai harbour on Friday night 22.30 H. A disaster has been avoided and nobody got hurt,  all passengers  have been evacuated ( video Below ). The ferry loaded with 48 passengers, 10 Trucks, 8 cars and 9 motorbikes left Lombok harbour on Friday 12/06/2020 at 17.05 H from Lombok  with normal conditions and god weather.

Ferry sinking Padang Bai

The ferry KMP Ro-Ro Ship.Dharma Rucitra III could not be docked, all passengers safely evacuated

5,5 hours later at 21.29 H  when the  ferry  arrived at Pier 2 in the port of Padang Bai, the captain had manoeuvrings difficulties to moor the ship . The hull  touched the bottom and started to leak, The ferry leaned against the pier and the engine failed that the ferry could not be docked . ThePadang Bai KSOP and related services started to evacuate all passengers and crew to the dock at 21.45 H and was successfully  completed at 22.18 H

Ferry sinking Padang Bai

Saturday morning 13/06/2020 a tugboat from Pertamina wil try to shift the ship

Then all passengers and crew had medical check ups according to the Covid 19 health protocol . On Saturday morning 13/06/2020 a tugboat from Pertamina wil try to shift the ship and all shipping activities are postponed .

Ferry sinking Padang Bai

Kejadian di Padang Bai kapal oleng

Kejadian di Padang Bai kawan

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