Coronavirus Impact in March Foreigners leaving Bali

Coronavirus Impact in March Resulted in 251,441 Foreigners leaving Bali

DENPASAR – As a result of the covid-19 outbreak (coronavirus), Bali has turned into a ghost town with 251,441 Foreigners leaving and most likely more to follow.  The impact was felt by the closure of attractions, shopping centers, entertainment venues and social distancing from the central and regional governments. The island which normally is bustling tourists, has turned 180 degrees to become almost empty. Bali is now a very very quiet place with minimal traffic, crowds and people around.


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Coronavirus Impact in March Resulted in 251,441 Foreigners leaving Bali


The quiet conditions seen on the street Bali correlate with recent data released by the Regional Office (Kanwil) of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Bali.  According to the recapitulation report from the three Immigration offices (Ngurah Rai, Renon, and Buleleng), during the month of March there were approximately 251,441 foreign nationals from 174 countries that departed Bali while the number of foreigners entering Bali was approximately 169,568 people.

As stated by Public Relations Regional Office of Kumham Bali I Putu Surya Dharma when contacted Tuesday (3/31) he confirmed the condition.  He explained, from the number of foreigners who left of Bali, the most were Australian (62,174 people) followed by Russians (18,505 people), and 15,274 British people. “The rest are from various other countries,” explained Surya.

As for foreigners who entered Bali throughout March 2020 most came from England (11,522) and Australia (40,835) with 11,898 from Russia.

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