Chinese citizen commits suicide

Chinese citizen commits suicide in Kuta villa

Chinese citizen commits suicide by hanging herself in her villa in Tamora on Jalan Raya Semat, Tibubeneng in North Kuta on Wednesday (22/07/2020 at  13.00 H The 47 years old woman was sadly found deceased hanging from the bedroom door.The head  of Badung Police Station, Iptu Oka Bawa said that her body was discovered by the villa employee named Tumirah. It started when Tumirah went to clean the pool at around 12.15 H The witness came to the villa, rang the bell and was calling the victim’s name. But there was no answer from the victim.The witness initiated to open the door after ringing the bell few times, only to find the door was not locked. Iptu Oka explained that the witness then started cleaning the villa and she was shocked to see the victim hanging from the door with black plastic rope tied back to the curtain rail. When the victim was found, she was wearing her pajamas. Seeing the incident, the witness ran out and told the villa staff and local Pecalang which then continued to North Kuta Police Station.

Chinese citizen commits suicide

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Not long after that, the police arrived and processed the crime scenes. After taking the deceased down, the police started the external inspection which found no former violence on the woman’s body that was born in China on the 13 April 1973. Ipto Oka also added, that informed by the victim’s friend, she had been suffering from heart problem and had a medical checkup every 2 weeks by personal doctor who came to the villa. Her body  has been evacuated to Sanglah Hospital for further process.

Chinese citizen commits suicide

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