Hoax Bali VOA increasing rates

Bali VOA increasing rates hoax says government officials

Bali VOA increasing rates from 35 US$ to 105 $ has been described as Hoax by the Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights  Jamaruli Manihuruk .


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“It’s still  IDR 500.000 IDR or 35 US$ for the moment said Jamaruli while visiting Serangan Harbor on Saturday, April 16 2022. The rules regarding VOA tariffs have been regulated by the  Government Regulation (PP), Number 28 during the year 2019 regarding the types of VOA rates.


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“It has been regulated by PP 28 of 2019. And until now there has been no change. So, there is no increase in VoA, it is still the old price. Changing government regulations is not that easy, I don’t know the issues that have been raised either. It’s a hoax,” he added. He appealed to the public not to believe all  rumors, Issues related to the arrival of foreign tourists can have a negative effect if the information that is spread It can be considered as  hoax or fake news. We have just started visiting foreigners, don’t spoil it with things like that. Don’t let there be information that misleads the public,” he said.

Hoax Bali VOA increasing rates

Previously, there were rumors that there was a three-fold increase in the visa on arrival rate to Rp. 1.5 million or 105 US$. Bali tourism actors who are members of the Indonesian Tourism Industry Association (GIPI) also reject the planned three-fold increase in VOA.


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