Bali vaccinated before reopening borders

Bali vaccinated before reopening borders

Bali vaccinated before reopening borders  says Minister of tourism Sandiaga Uno when Minister of Maritime affairs Luhut Pandjaitan  asking to resume tourism now the COVID-19 cases  are decreasing Sandiaga Uno, welcomed the vaccination program for tourism  in Bali and his party would also encourage the realization of the vaccination program for the concerned tourist workers in Bali taken place during March 2021.


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Bali vaccinated before reopening borders

Bali has more than 2 million people but has needs to target first the touristic zones and later all tourism in Bali can be based on vaccine-based tourism sais Sandiaga on  Thursday (25/02/2021).Sandiaga hopes that the tourism sector and creative economy can recover soon and has been informed  that more than 10 thousand tourism workers in Bali have registered to get vaccinated immediately. He hopes to have revive the tourism sector and that the economy in Bali can come back to life in March 2021.

Waterbom vaccination drive thru

Sandiaga Uno visited on Thursday (25/02/2021) the Waterbom attraction park in Kuta witch could be suitable as a vaccine drive thru. The concept of vaccine drive thru has previously been tested in Disneyland at California and Florida (US ).

Bali vaccinated before reopening borders

Waterbom Bali, Indonesia, is one of the best water parks in Asia. Waterbom Bali also provides world-class slides, which are built according to strict international safety standards and are equipped with green spaces, so that anyone who visits this tourist area will feel cool.

Bali vaccinated before reopening borders

The Waterbom in Kuta could provide a drive thru vaccination area .

preparation G-20 Summit

Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan revealed that the number of COVID-19 cases in Bali has decreased and allows  to resume the touristic activities .
The number of Corona cases in Bali in the last few weeks has shown a decline due the enforcing of the implementation of health protocols throughout Bali says Luhut during a meeting for Bali tourism recovery in Jakarta on Thursday (25/02/2021).

Bali vaccinated before reopening borders

Luhut also explained that  the government had started a national  vaccination program and more than 13,000 hospital workers in Bali will immediately receive the vaccine injection. The Indonesian government continues to improve all facilities  related to Covid-19 throughout Bali and highlights the  preparation for the upcoming G-20 Summit. The Indonesian government has also invited foreign embassies to visit Bali to witness  the steps of the Covid-19 controls are the implemented to screen and protect foreign tourists says Luhut.

Luhut also appealed to foreigners and Indonesians to obey the existing regulations and that all violations will be strictly prosecuted by  law.

Bali vaccinated before reopening

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