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Bali travel corridor expanding to 18 countries

Bali travel corridor expanding to 18 additional countries when it reopening the doors for international tourists starting on Thursday Oct 14 th 2021 . The government is planning to add its travel corridors to Hungary, France, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Britain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Russia. Singapore is not one of them because it has not met the WHO level 1 and 2 alert requirements. Previously, the government said it would start opening international flights only for 6 countries starting on October 14 th 2021
Bali travel corridor expandingSandiaga, The Minister of Tourism explained that the government is still selective in accepting foreigners in Indonesia. South Korea, China, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi , Dubai and New Zealand are allowed to enter Indonesia . Sandiaga said that Bali’s preparations for welcoming foreign tourists are completed for 90 %. It’s just for the certainty of implementation – first, the end-to-end CHSE protocol that we have to ensure, second is the country of origin of foreign tourists, and finally the form of visa. We are still working on this,” he said on Monday (11/10/2021). CHSE stands for Cleanliness, Health, Safety, Environmental Sustainability. Regarding the form of the visa, his party is still waiting for directions from the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investments.


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The visa is being discussed and for the October 14 th 2021, we are waiting for the direction of the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs to assign the Minister of Law and Human Rights to formulate a policy in terms of the right visa, which is suitable for this trial says Sandiaga. He hopes that some of the things mentioned earlier can be finalized in the near future. He also appealed to tourism actors to continue to apply strict and disciplined health protocols. After that, tourist destinations must immediately go all out to take advantage of this opportunity, don’t be careless in implementing health protocols. Don’t let these gradual, gradual, and sustainable incremental steps actually trigger an increase in new cases of Covid-19,” moreover, new variants have been identified,” he explained. He emphasized that compliance with health protocols for incoming foreign tourists is non-negotiable or non-negotiable. If there is a violation, there are stages that are passed with deportation as the end.

Bali travel corridor expanding


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