Bali now cheapest islands

Bali now cheapest islands in the world

Bali now cheapest islands in the world according Jaro a tourist who recorded a tic-toc video to show what you could do in oneday in Bali with  5 US$. With a capital of 5 US$ or  72.000 Rp., he shared his experience of taking a day trip on the Island of the Gods. In the video Jaro shows the beauty of one of the beaches in Bali. Bali is one of the cheapest islands to travel around the world , he wrote at the beginning of the video., Jaro also showed what he could do for a day in Bali with 5 US$.
Bali now cheapest islands
We decided to see how far 5 US$ wil get you in one day , says Jaro in the video uploaded on Thursday (22/07/2021).First of all, he stayed at an hotel located in the Uluwatu area. To stay overnight, he only spent about 1 US$ or Rp. 14.000 Rp. Jaro also shows the rooms and hostels where he stays which are very simple but still make him comfortable.Then, Jaro and his friends also bought food on the roadside, namely super spicy chicken for 0.80 US$ or 11.000 Rp. Not to forget, he also ordered a drink, this time he ordered orange juice for 0.80 US$.
Bali now cheapest islands
At the end of their trip on the Island of the Gods, Jaro and his friends still had about 2 US$ left. Finally, he used the remaining money for a foot massage and enjoying the sunset, which became a superior panorama on various beaches in Bali. However, there are also netizens who comment on the price of plane tickets to Bali which is quite expensive.
“Yes, but the price of plane tickets there is quite expensive,” said another netizen.
Until now, the video has been watched 262 thousand times and liked by 22 thousand people.



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