Bali new years parties prohibited

Bali new years parties prohibited

Bali new years parties on December 31 th 2021 will not been authorized and all requests by hotels and clubs have been refused by the government. The announcement was made by Secretary of the Bali COVID-19 Task Force , I Made Rentin on Thursday Novermber 11 th 2021. He said that parties at clubs and hotels have the potential to create crowds and makes potential risk high  for COVID-19 transmissions. The Bali COVID-19 Task Force has threatened to revoke the business license of a nightclub that organizes a party during PPKM Level 2.


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Bali new years parties prohibited

Rentin said that a number of hotels in Bali had asked for permission to hold parties, especially for events closing in December 2021 and opening in January 2022. The Bali Provincial Government firmly refused.
 Until now, no party activities have been allowed, there are even official letters from several hotels, asking us. The leadership’s direction is that we wait for the development of the national task force, and until now there has been no official permit by the National Task Force for party events including welcoming 2022 ,
The coordinator of the Java-Bali PPKM, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, said Rentin immediately intervened to monitor the activities of the nightclub. He asked the local government to ensure nightclubs obey the rules. The national task force evaluated yesterday with Mr. Luhut, one of which was the focus and confirmation of Mr. Luhut as the commander of PPKM Java Bali, to governors, regents, mayors in Java and Bali to pay special attention to efforts to handle and control night activities without exception,
Bali new years parties prohibited
The rules in question include nightclubs being allowed to open on condition that the visitor capacity is below 100 percent. Operational hours Friday-Saturday, using the PeduliLindung application, wearing masks and so on. All night activities need to be noticed that they really implement health protocols,” said Rentin. No nightclubs have been closed or have their business licenses revoked for violating health protocols. According to him, the provincial government of Bali reprimanded nightclub entrepreneurs in a humane manner.  Luhut twice reprimanded the Bali Provincial Government because a number of tours, restaurants, beach clubs and other public places violated health protocols. The violation is in the form of managers manipulating the Pedulilindungi application data so that it is not full until visitors flock to it. In fact, next year Bali will be the venue for the international event, the G20.


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