Bali domestic tourists tripled

Bali domestic tourists tripled in April 2021

Bali domestic tourists tripled

Bali domestic tourists tripled after the COVID-19 vaccination and increased when compared at the end of March and early April with daily 6.000 to 8.000 passengers. The Tourism Office released this increase based on the arrival data of passengers at Denpasar Airport. Since the vaccination campaign started at the beginning of February 2021 the number of passenger arrivals at Denpasar Airport in the range of only 1.900 to 3.000 passengers and  went up to 8.000 / 9.000 passengers a day at the beginning of  April 2021. The increase of domestic  visitors to the Island of the Gods shows the confidence after the mass vaccination and due the offer of holiday promos. The vaccination has now been done massively. Especially the priority in the tourism sector and tourist attractions to build trust.


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Bali domestic tourists tripled

Even with the increase of domestic tourists to Bali  has not been able to revive Bali’s economy and 146.000  available hotel rooms  are still empty. It only fills 16.000 residential rooms or 15 percent and it has not had a significant impact on the hospitality in Bali. Only 60 percent of the hotels are open and 40 percent are still closed. Many hotel employees are laid off and some hotels are not able  to finance the operation and maintenance cost. from the 300.000 hotel employees  only  180 .000 employees returned to work

Bali domestic tourists tripled

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