Bali based meteorite expert becomes millionaire

Bali based meteorite expert Jared Collins becomes millionaire after purchasing meteorite stone from Josua Hutagalung, ( 33 )  after it hits his roof in North Sumatra on August 1 st 2020.


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Bali based meteorite expert becomes millionaire

Josua Hutagalung, ( 33 ) was at home when the football-sized meteorite smashed through the veranda at the edge of his living room. He said : I was working on a coffin near the street in front of my house when I heard a booming sound that made my house shake. It was as if a tree had fallen on us. It was too hot to pick up the object and it  was buried up to 15 centimetres deep. When he finally  lifted it, it was still warm.

Bali based meteorite expert becomes millionaire  That’s when he thought that the object  was falling from the sky, because it was impossible for someone to throw a rock that big on the roof of the house. He immediately uploaded a photo of his findings to his Facebook account and his story  became viral and was covered by the media. Bali based meteorite expert becomes millionaireTwo days after the discovery of the meteor stone, a local resident intended to buy the stone from Josua’s hands for Rp. 1 billion. However, Josua rejected the offer because he felt that the person  was not serious. Two weeks later on August 17 th 2020 he received a offer from Jared Collins, an American man living in Bali. Jared offered Rp. 200 million for the meteor stone, but Josua  was only willing to add Rp. 14 million to the cost of repairing the roof of my house which was damaged due to a meteorite stone,

Bali based meteorite expert becomes millionaire

Collins shipped the stone to America, where it was bought by an American collector who has it stored in liquid nitrogen at the Centre for Meteorite Studies at Arizona State University. Josua said that Jared initially said he wanted to buy the meteorite stone for research and collection purposes. Josua admitted that he received Rp 200 million for the meteorite stone and 14 million for the repair of the roof of his house which was damaged by a meteorite stone. He received in total Rp. 214 million. On Wednesday 18/11/2020 , Josua felt cheated when we was informed by the English press that it was finally valued for Rp. 26 billion.

Bali based meteorite expert

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