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Bali foreign tourism postponed until the end of 2020

Bali Airport no longer requires swab test

Bali Airport no longer requires swab test required for passengers who wish to enter Bali .All passengers arriving in Bali must show negative test results based on rapid testing or polymerase chain
reaction (PCR) test results for those who have been tested prior to their arrival. According to a circular
letter of the government on air travel Pemprov Bali 305/GUGASCOVID19/VI/2020 about restraining
travellers at the entrance of Bali region in the adaptation period of a new era of life towards a productive
and safe community COVID-19.
“The following statement applies for passengers who wish to enter Bali for the purpose of essentials trip.
Another regulation for non-essential trip to Bali will be adjusted in separated provision.” said the
Governor of Bali in the circular letter.
Entry restrictions apply prior entering Bali on land, sea or air travel. Passengers must show their ID with
negative test results (PCR test or rapid testing) in the last 14 days. In addition, all travellers must complete
an identity form ( and submit prior to departure. Bali Airport no longer requires swab test It’s mandatory for Indonesian Non-Migrant Worker (PMI) showing their negative PCR test results for
Covid-19 upon arrival and followed by filling in identity form ( If travellers
are positive for COVID-19, they will be transported by Gugus Tugas Percepatan to a managed isolation
If Indonesian Non-Migrant Worker (PMI) has no agency will be required to undergo a swab test with
PCR method facilitated by Gugus Tugas Percepatan and subject to mandatory quarantine policies upon
arrival until their swab test shown negative or COVID-19 symptom-free.

Bali Airport no longer

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