Another Foreigner Begging at Petitenget Beach

Another Foreigner Begging at Petitenget Beach

BALI NEWS Another Foreigner Begging at Petitenget Beach

Another foreigner begging at Petitenget Beach or another down and out Instagram Influencer?

Well we don’t really know if his sign is true or not.  He apparently did have enough money to buy a piece of cardboard and a marker to write “I need help, all my money stolen I need money for tickets to fly home”.


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His behavior is a concern for local residents and some were kind enough to invite him to stay their house.  However, some time later the man returned to the steps to beg again. Some people were even seen giving money to him.

True story or not?  This question is still unclear. If the story is true, then the man should have reported the incident to the authorities and sought help from the local  consulate general representing his home country.

However, if the story is not true, then it is another sad example of foreigners coming to Bali and “begpacking” which seems to be popular these days especially with the “Instagram influencers” who seem to believe that they can get a free ride for everything and anything they want to do by saying they are an “Influencer”.

As we all know, influencers are Instagram users who have an established credibility and audience; who can persuade others by virtue of their trustworthiness and authenticity.  But these days it seems that anyone with an Instagram account claims to be an influencer and demands that they should be given a free ride ride to fame and fortune for nothing.

What do you think?  Should Instagram Influencers be given a free ride for posting a selfie?

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