YOUNG Instagram influencer who became a millionaire at 15 filmed herself in the mirror of her motorbike moments before she was killed driving it. Anastacia's parents accusing boyfriend

Anastacia’s parents accusing boyfriend for death tragic accident

Accusations tragic accident Sunset Road

Anastacia’s parents accusing boyfriend for death tragic motor accident on the Sunset Road on Sunday, June 21, 2020. Anastasia Tropitsel’s parents could not believe that their daughter died in a motorcycle accident and  blaming  their daughter’s boyfriend Viktor Maydanovich to be responsible.


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Anastacia’s tropitsel (18) with her older boyfriend Viktor Maydanovich (30) who was biking with her when she crashed.

A YOUNG social media influencer who became a millionaire at 15 has died in a motorbike crash on Bali. Russian Anastasia Tropitsel, 18, suffered head injuries when she crashed on her Kawasaki on the Indonesian island.

According to her father, Viktor Maydanovich, 30 had a bad influence on Anastasia and the 250 cc Kawasaki motorbike had reportedly just been bought by him. Anastasia’s father accused Victor of using Anastasia, who had become rich at the young age of 15 from internet stardom.

He is also accusing Victor of attempting to access Anastasia’s bank account to transfer all of her money to his own account.  Apparently Anastasia’s father blocked Victors moves as he kept on trying top access the account daily.

Anastacia's parents accusing boyfriend

A few days before the incident, the two had meditation on the beach

Eight deadly accident on same spot on Sunset Road

Victor denying all accusations made by Anastasia’s parents and Anastasia’s lover explained the tragedy was purely an accident and also explained that Anastasia had experience  to ride a motorcycle until the fatal accident last Sunday June 21st 2020.

Local news paper  reported also that it took more then one hour before the ambulance arrived on the scene after they called twice and they been answered that were busy. The accident has been already the eight deadly accident by motorcycles  this year on the same spot on the Sunset Road.

Anastacia's parents accusing boyfriend

Anastasia Tropitsel, a Russian celebrity died in Bali .*/

Anastasia’s body was cremated on Thursday June 25th 2020  at 3:00 pm in the Mumbul Crematorium,

Anastacia’s parents accusing boyfriend

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