5+ hours immigration line Bali Airport

5+ hours immigration line Bali Airport

5+ hours immigration line Bali Airport on end of July 2022 is finally improving to normalize according authorities German blogger Sebastian Powell made reports of the worst situation regarding lineups he ever experienced anywhere in the world during his two decades .People waiting for several hours in the immigration line at Denpasar Bali Airport according Sebastian Powell. Bali Airport has always been pretty terrible when you arrive at the wrong time of day, and usually, the afternoon is the worst to get in. 2:00pm  appears to be among the worst time slots to arrive in Denpasar these days and keep in mind that with all airport experiences, wait times totally depend on arriving during peak/off-peak hours.


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5+ hours immigration line Bali Airport

Only every second counter was staffed by immigration officers, something that’s entirely unacceptable on behalf of the authorities. Where is the staff? Is it so difficult to get officers on the roster to stamp people’s passports? It was horrific. Someone needed medical attention, children and adults were crying, people hadn’t had anything to drink for hours, and suddenly a shouting match escalated into a brawl that had to be broken up by officers.  All of these are homemade problems. Indonesia and Bali reintroduced the Visa on Arrival that was previously discontinued for many nationalities. It now costs ~US$35 (500,000 IDR).

Bali Airport has become a complete nightmare. The organization and wait periods have gotten completely out of control and given today’s situation there’s no way I’d recommend anyone to visit Bali until things get more efficient. With or without the arrival concierge, this is not how a tourist destination should treat visitors. Forget the charade of the visa on arrival for a moment that was initially proclaimed to be a safety measure due to COVID, but Indonesia and Bali Airport, in particular, isn’t even able to streamline that process in an acceptable manner.





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