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Slovakian woman allegedly murdered by ex

Slovakian woman allegedly murdered by Indonesian ex-boyfriend who has been arrested after the discovery of her body on Wednesday 20/01/2021 at her house in Sanur. The Slovakian citizen Andriana Simeonova (29) living in Bali for some time was found dead in her house by her friend Akbar Natsir (33) who try to chat with her […]

American influencer facing deportation

Bali Breaking News American influencer facing deportation  on next available flight from Bali for misusing her visa  reports but she says because of her sexuality. Immigration officials in Bali on Tuesday summoned American citizen Kristen Gray who has been living in the resort island for more than a year for allegedly misusing her visa.  The […]

American influencer hunted down in Ubud

American influencer hunted down by immigration officers in Ubud after starting a heated debate on Twitter making a thread about her Bali experience. The American woman, Kristen Gray, started a heated debate on Twitter after making a thread about her Bali experience. According to Indy 100, Gray took to social media to share her and […]

Tornado hits Bali’s coastline in Canggu and Jembrana

Tornado hits Bali’s coastline on Perenenan / Melayan beach and damaged dozens of houses in Bali’s Jembrana regency on Sunday 17/01/2021. ( video’s below ). The most damage occurred in Brawantangi, ”Made Budi Utama, chief of Tukadaya village where the disaster occurred, told state news agency Antara today. “There are no fatalities in the disaster. […]

Foreigners forced to sweep the streets in Bali

Foreigners forced to sweep the streets of Bali as punishment for not wearing a mask. Lionel a Spanish cook forgot his mask on his way to work ( view video below ) .Bali authorities sanctionated 13 people who didn’t wear mask in Penelokan at the  Kintamani area on Sunday (17/01/2021 ). A number of people […]

Foreigners disobey Covid rules and laughing at authorities

Foreigners disobey Covid rules and laughing at authorities who will increased the fines from 100.000 Rp ( 7 US$ ) to 500.000 Rp ( 35 US$ ) for not wearing a mask.      The head of the public order police in the Badung administration, Suryanegara, told  his troops felt like their dignity was being harassed […]

Australian prisoner describes Bali prison as hells hallway

Australian prisoner describes Bali  jail  as “hell’s hallway” and “like a microwave oven”, expressing relief at being transferred to a drug rehabilitation facility to await trial.Travis James McLeod has spent the past three months behind bars in Bali after police allege he was arrested with 0.86 grams of methamphetamine in his possession. McLeod, whose case […]

Alleged drunk motorcycle driver killed

Alleged drunk motorcycle driver from the UK killed on the Jalan Teuku Umar Barat bridge on Wednesday morning (01/13/2021)  at 1:45 AM. The English foreigner Argent David (28), died on the spot after hitting the road and lost his helmet from the severe fall with his Honda Vario motorbike. Medical staff  from the Denpasar City […]

Bali vaccination campaign launched from January 14 2021

Bali vaccination campaign launched from January 14 2021 at the Bali Mandara Hospital with Bali governor as first Balinese injected with the vacine after the Indonesian President Jokowi  was injected with CoronaVac on live television on Wednesday January 14 th 2021, kicking off a national vaccination program. “Covid vaccination is important for us to break […]

Australian surfer found dead on Kuta Beach

Australian surfer found dead lying face down under some stairs at Suluban Beach , South Kuta on Sunday morning January 10 th 2021, at 8.30 . The 50-year-old Taras Mulik is believed to have been from Perth but had been living in Bali for most of the past decade. The cause of his death is […]