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Daylight Attack of Couple

Daylight Attack of Couple ,  Bali Police Resmob Rapid Response team arrested the perpetrators of the beating of a couple that went viral on social media. The beating occurred on Jalan Gatot Subroto Tengah (west of the Ligth Pidada Traffic), Wednesday (02/26/2020). Only a few hours later, the two perpetrators Gusti Made Wartawan (30) and […]

Report Kerobokan Prison Officers Ask For Visit Money

Report Kerobokan Prison Officers   Report Kerobokan Prison Officers Bali is launching an integrated approach for developing corruption-free management at Kerobokan Men’s and Women’s Penitentiary and the Confiscated Storage Warehouse facility in Denpasar. The Head of the Bali Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) Bali, Sutrisno, said that the reform of Kemenkumham had been […]

Amrozi’s son from terrorist feel like Rubbish

Amrozi’s son from terrorist Amrozi’s son from terrorist Ibu and Garil, I am the son of the Bali Bomber Amrozi, I apologize profusely, representing my family the eldest son of Amrozi the Bali Bomber says “I felt like rubbish for years” after.  Zulia Mahendra expressed his determination to strive for the sake of his family […]